Inspired by our own kids

It's easy to see how much kids love music yet most music players are unsuitable for their needs. That's why we designed the SweetPea3. It has made music accessible for our children and for tens of thousands of others like them.

Benefits of Music

Music benefits children in so many ways. It helps them learn sounds, language, rhythm and movement. Music can stimulate fun or bring in the calm, provide comfort in the familiar and excitement in new discovery.

Benefits of Audio Books

Reading to your child is the best daily learning activity you can possibly do. It develops curiosity, imagination, language... the list goes on. Supplement your reading with Audio Books and you will compound benefit upon benefit.

We include the music and stories too!

The SweetPea3 comes preloaded with music by Susie Tallman and stories by Jim Weiss. In this interview Susie speaks about the benefits of music and what it has done for her family.