SweetPea3R firmware image (factory installed)

This firmware image is the same that is installed at the factory. You only need to install this if your player is acting up and is non-operational.

Installing this firmware is a drastic step: it will reset your unit to factory settings and erase all apps, pictures, videos, settings and any other information you have placed on the device.

Please back up your unit accordingly before you perform this operation!

Update Procedure

1 - Back up EVERYTHING. Create a folder on your desktop and drag all the content folders from the SweetPea3R to this folder.

2 - Download the firmware image file (.img).It's a large file, it may take a while to download depending on your internet connection speed.

3 - Download the updater software. Place it in it's own folder then double click on it to run the installer.

4 - Double click on LiveSuit.exe (located inside the folder from step 3 above). Click on SelectImg and select the image file you downloaded in step 2 (sun5i_android_a13-evb_20131129_googleplay.img).

5 - Make sure your SweetPea3R is off (not just in standby but completely off). To turn it off, long press on the power button for 12 seconds until a popup asks you to shutdown. Press OK.

6 - While pressing the Volume Down button on the side of the player, plug the SweetPea3R into your computer. A LiveSuit window should pop up after a few seconds. Select No first. This will keep your data. If after you have gone through this process and it didn't solve your problem, try the Yes option the next time.

7 - Unplug the SweetPea3R when the update is finished and power up the unit (5 second press on the power button).

8 - If the player is not powering up after the update, try pressing the reset button by inserting a paper clip in the small hole above the volume buttons.

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