Firmware Update (SP3-103)

The SweetPea Toy Company is committed to supporting your SweetPea3. You can update your SweetPea3 with the latest feature enhancements and bug fixes by following the instructions below.


This firmware update is only applicable to SweetPea3 Player model SP3-103 (see the back label on the SweetPea3)

For all SP3-103 models, it is recommended to use Firmware Version 4.2.04 although Audible is no longer supported. For SP3-103 models labelled CPSC1012, CPSCxx13, CPSCxx14 and CPSCxx15, you MUST use this firmware version because these devices use the latest style of memory chips which are supported with this firmware.

For older versions of SP3-103, you may use Firmware Version 4.1.27. This version will work with Audible but it has some issues with clicks and pops playing MP3 files converted using the Lame encoder. If Audible is not important to you, please use Firmware Version 4.2.04 above.

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