Songs stop after every track / Duplicate non-playing songs when using Mac Finder

When transferring songs, Mac Finder splits the song and the song information into two separate files. Both files have the same name except the information file is preceeded with a "._" (dot underscore) to hide the file from view. This extra file is being interpreted by the SweetPea3 as a music file and it attempts to play it.

Solution #1: Download the latest firmware. This operation requires a PC, however.

Solution #2: After you have transferred your songs to the SweetPea3, remove the extra files by following these proceedures:

  1. Download the Clean Up application to your hard drive
  2. Double click on it to unachive the clean up application
  3. Move Clean to your desktop
  4. Drag the PLAY1, PLAY2 or PLAY3 folder from the SweetPea3 and drop it onto the Clean Up application icon on your desktop

The extra files should now be deleted from the SweetPea3.

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