Firmware Update (SP3-102)

The SweetPea Toy Company is committed to supporting your SweetPea3. You can update your SweetPea3 with the latest feature enhancements and bug fixes by following the instructions below.


This firmware update is only applicable to SweetPea3 Player model SP3-102 (see the back label on the SweetPea3)

What's included

Firmware version 3.23 (September 22, 2011)

This firmware update provides the following fixes and enhancements.
  • adds support
  • prevents memory corruption on low battery
  • fixes "Loading...Starting problem
Who should update

Everyone with an SP3-102 with a previous version of firmware. To check the firmware version, enter into the settings menu on the SweetPea3 (press and hold both arrow buttons for 6 seconds) then scroll down to "Exit". Press an arrow button and the version number will flash briefly.

What you should know before installing this firmware

  • updating from certain previous versions will require you to reformat your SweetPea3 drive so backup the songs that are on your SweetPea3!!
  • this firmware version removes the ability to place sub-folders into the playlist folders i.e. only individual tracks may be placed in a playlist folder, they cannot be contained in a sub-folder
  • you can only do this update on a PC, you cannot do this on a Mac

Follow these instructions to update your SweetPea3

  1. Back up your songs. Create a folder on your desktop and drag all the folders from the SweetPea3 to this folder
  2. Click Firmware Update to download the updater program and the latest firmware

    If you had previously installed the updater program, you can download just the firmware SweetPea3_323.fw and skip to step 6 below.
  3. Double click on the updater to open the .zip file
  4. Click on "Extract all files" and follow the instructions
  5. Double click on "Setup.exe" and follow the instructions. Ignore the information in the "Read me first" section. Simply click "next" all the way through the setup.
  6. Click on the "Start" button (lower left of your screen). Select "All Programs>Media Player Utilities 4.35>Media Player Upgrade Tool"
  7. Click "Select new firmware file"
  8. Select "SweetPea3_323.fw" (located with all the other files that were in the zip file)
  9. Remove the battery from the SweetPea3
  10. While holding down the middle button, plug the SweetPea3 to your computer using the USB cable. (release the button). Allow your computer to search for new drivers if asked to do so and click "Continue anyway" on any warning messages. The drivers are from Actions Semiconductor, which is the maker of the chip inside the SweetPea3, and are safe to install on your computer.
  11. Click "Recover firmware"
  12. Unplug the SweetPea3 when complete

    At this point the update is complete and you can re-install the battery for a working player. If you experience any problem such as "Disk Error" or if the SweetPea3 does not get past the start screen, then you need to reformat the drive. Continue as below.
  13. Remove the battery and plug the SweetPea3 again to your computer (but do not press the middle button this time)
  14. Open up Windows Explorer
  15. Right click on the SweetPea3 drive and select "Format..."
  16. Verify that you are reformatting the correct drive. The SweetPea3 should show a capacity of approx. 1.87GB. Select "Quick Format" then "Start"
  17. When done, unplug the SweetPea3, install the battery and allow it to power up. It should eventually say "Playlist Empty" (after about 30 seconds)
  18. Plug the SweetPea3 into the computer and drag your songs back to the SweetPea3
  19. Verify that the songs play

A native Mac solution, unfortunately, will not be possible. Your options are to find a PC to perform this update, install a copy of Windows on your Mac using BootCamp or an emulator like Parallels or send it in to us to do the update for you.

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