The SweetPea Toy Company’s goal is to use technology to entertain and educate kids. We are NOT trying to teach kids how to use technology. Technology is probably the easiest thing for kids to learn and they will have ample time to experiment with all sorts of technologies throughout their lifetimes. Of much bigger concern is giving kids a solid foundation in languages. Language is very difficult for kids to learn but is extremely important to their brain development and future success. Also important for kids is exposure to music. Music has all sorts of benefits from developing rhythm and coordination to helping kids sort through ideas and emotions.

Fortunately it is possible to teach language in ways that are entertaining to kids. Reading engaging stories to kids and giving them access to quality music makes the learning fun and natural. Quality technology like the SweetPea3 MP3 Player can really help you in fulfilling your responsibilities to your children. Supplement your daily book reading with audio books on the SweetPea3 and load it up with great songs to keep them entertained and occupied.

The other thing you will notice about our products is that there are no blinky lights, beeps and cute animations. We believe these are distractions which focus the child’s attention to the technology rather than to the content. Instead, we have made the SweetPea3 very simple and made the music and stories very accessible. Again, it’s about the content, not the technology.

Going forward, we will continue to develop products that cater to the child’s needs. We hope you appreciate our philosophy and will continue to support our little toy company.

Dan Lemay
SweetPea Toy Company Ltd.

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